19. How does a baby name influence the baby’s destiny?

We use the term "destiny number" to signify the sum total of all letters (actually the numbers associated to the letters) in the baby’s combined names. This number is significant as it describes the environment the baby will attract using these specific names. If you change the baby’s names to balanced names (first name and last name), you change the baby’s destiny number to a much stronger one, which will create a positive and constructive influence on the outcome of their life. It is that simple, and that profound.

There is much more to this principle than you might realize. Your name activates mental qualities that combine though your body, nervous system, and mind in a specific and measurable manner. If you were to change you name, you are re-combining the qualities of intelligence that makes up your mental makeup. It is much like a chemist adding elements together to get a third compound. Some compounds blow up, and others can be quite useful. Some names, which are not mathematically armonized to the inner potential from the date of birth, are less beneficial than other more balanced names.

The Philosophy teaches that the qualities of your mind are measurable, and that by understanding these qualities, you will better understand yourself, others and how you interact with them. You have a choice. You can live your life with your current names and you will be subject to the mental blueprint created by these names. Alternately, you can make the conscious choice to change your names to balanced names and set in motion a mental law to create a more harmonious and successful destiny.

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  18. How do baby names influence the baby’s destiny?
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