12. Why do we emphasize the importance of baby name choices?

We emphasize the importance of a balanced baby name because the baby name creates the child’s future mental life. It is the basic principle that tunes the baby to specific qualities of thinking. Because it dictates the qualities of thinking, it directs the destiny of the child as it matures as well. We are subject to this law of mind whether we are aware of it or not. Is it not better to be aware of it?

Too many people are lost in intangible theories without a basic understanding of the laws that govern our physical, mental, and spiritual being. Life is measurable, and the Mathematical Principle of name is a fundamental law. Change your name and you change your thinking. Use the principle of balance, and your life becomes more balanced. Name is that fundamental.

The evolving concepts may be the melodies of our life, but the name is the actual tuning mechanism. If you were a pianist, you would insure your instrument is in perfect pitch. It is the same with mind. The name is the basic principle of how qualities of universal intelligence come into being. As such, we address it as a basic truth, and a necessary stage in creating balance.

Frequently Asked Questions - Baby Names

Explore how your baby name choice will affect the thinking, health, success and future happiness of your baby:

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