7. Can numerology influence my baby's success?

Firstly, we have found many numerologists do not understand the full impact of a balanced baby name. If they have an idea, it is usually through a peripheral study of our teachings. Unfortunately, those who branch out thinking they are helping others with their incomplete knowledge are doing a great disservice.

A Kabalarian name consultant would never recommend many of the baby names recommended by numerologists. In fact, we have heard of baby name combinations that would be positively harmful to long-term health and happiness. These numerological baby name combinations may create drive and intense ambition - but at a cost in mental tension and lack of fulfillment. We teach that success can be accomplished through balance - not through extreme intensity.

Of course, there are many types of successes - health and vitality is a success we create through constructive living habits - as well as understanding the laws of mental balance (such as the Principle of a Balanced Name™ and others), relaxation, and deep breathing. A happy and intelligent mind, capable of objectivity, analysis, humour, and the many constructive qualities necessary to build a beautiful mind, is a sign of mental success. Financial success is a facet of creating value through our work and career.

All of these successes can be a part of our spiritual accomplishment - which is the fulfilment of our unique potential. Life really is very short; and the ideals that we formulate and use as the nucleus to our life's efforts should be more universal rather than just those for self.

Frequently Asked Questions - Baby Names

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