16. Will a Balanced Name™ guarantee complete health?

A Balanced Name™ does not guarantee perfect health. We maintain our health by applying an intelligent lifestyle, with a deeper understanding of mind and the body, coupled with a logical and balanced perspective on important aspects of living. We cannot maintain good health if we break the simple and practical principles of healthy living. So both knowledge and application are important.

A Balanced Name™ will create a new harmony between the inner nature and the expanded constructive mental expression. We can create better health with greater understanding. This understanding includes the application of the physical, mental, and spiritual laws, which are basic, practical and universal to all peoples. These principles are taught step by step in the home study courses of Kabalarian Philosophy.

Frequently Asked Questions - Baby Names

Explore how your baby name choice will affect the thinking, health, success and future happiness of your baby:

  1. Why should the baby names you choose be balanced baby names?
  2. Why should I not choose my baby names from the sample names on your site?
  3. What other factors, besides the balanced baby names, are important?
  4. How do you insure your baby the best opportunities you can?
  5. Why does a baby respond to a name when he or she cannot yet recognize it?
  6. Is this numerology?
  7. Can numerology influence my baby's success?
  8. Do you have to balance both the first name and the last name?
  9. Can a balanced baby name cure sickness in a baby?
  10. How do baby names create mind?
  11. Why do we emphasize the importance of a baby name choice?
  12. What is the relationship of health to a name choice for a baby?
  13. Can balanced baby names influence health?
  14. Does our thinking influence our health?
  15. Will balanced baby names guarantee complete health?
  16. Does changing one’s maiden name at marriage have an influence on one’s life?
  17. Why are many of your baby name summaries for different names worded exactly the same? Is this a mistake?
  18. How do baby names influence the baby’s destiny?
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