8. Do you have to balance both the first name and the last name?

Yes, in many cases, a slight change to the spelling of the surname may be necessary. This is often something people are loath to consider. We explain that you have a choice. You can choose to live with the limitations of the existing names, or you can choose to change the names and derive the benefits. This decision takes a degree of confidence in this principle that further study can develop. So by studying this principle, you will have the opportunity to test it sufficiently to recognize it as a basic law of mind. As you gain this confidence, you can make the constructive changes that will bring about a revolution in your thinking and greater success and happiness in your life.

In considering the influence of both names, consider the card game of Blackjack or 21. To win consistently you must get 18 or better to beat the dealer. You are dealt 2 cards, a first name and a last name. One might be a four of spades, and the other a six of clubs. Well, if you change only one card, you are assured of loosing. If you change them both to balanced names, it is as if you were just dealt an ace of diamonds and a jack of hearts. That is how dramatic a Balanced Name™ is in the game of life!

You win every time with a hand like that. A Balanced Name™ creates more accumulative conditions where opportunities come your way. It is a strength you draw from the rest of your life - and if you learn the principle in the home study program, you can use it to achieve any goals you set yourself. You still have to do the work of accomplishing them, but a name and destiny that is not harmonized to the inner potential will not be holding you back.

Frequently Asked Questions - Baby Names

Explore how your baby name choice will affect the thinking, health, success and future happiness of your baby:

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  8. Do you have to balance both the first name and the last name?
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