Top 100 Baby Names

The list of "Top 100 Baby Names" is an often-viewed resource on the internet. You and your spouse may not be personally expecting a newborn but chances are you know someone who is. The Kabalarian Philosophy gives a valuable insight into the true effect of a name on a newborn. We have compiled in one place the name descriptions of the top 100 male and female baby names. [jump to list]

We receive many telephone calls from concerned parents who want the best for their children and want to give their children balanced names. A balanced name, when harmonized to a child's date of birth, will set in motion a pattern of constructive qualities of intelligence that will be the foundation of the child's mind, personality, thinking patterns, and nature. The last name is vital as well, and when combined with the first name, creates the overall destiny and conditions that the child will attract.

A balanced name given to your child will create expressive, happy, generous, outgoing, giving, responsible, reliable, and stable qualities, to name just a few. The fundamental purpose of a balanced name is to create harmony between the baby's mind and the baby's inner potential. Whatever your baby's inner purpose is, that potential will develop with greater naturalness through a balanced name.

Click on a name below from the list of the top 100 baby names for a brief analysis of each name. Don't be surprised when the description shows weaknesses as well as strengths. Without knowing the principle of how to create balance in a name, even the best sounding names can unfortunately create detrimental qualities.

It is interesting to note that in the top 100 baby names, male and female, there are only seven names out of 200 that would be considered mathematically balanced for use as a first name, and then **only** if the last name is sufficiently balanced to work in harmony with the first name. All the other names have definite limitations and health weaknesses. Remember, these descriptions are only brief summaries.

If you know someone who is expecting a child send them the link to this page on our site,[] so they can browse through the first names or better still; have them order a free Name Report on a name they might be considering.

We strongly recommend that you do not choose a first name based on these short name descriptions. Your baby's name must be in harmony with both:

  • the baby's birthdate (inner potential)
  • and the family's last name

Call us toll-free in North America at 1-866-489-1188 (International 604-263-9551) to discuss any of these names or other names you are considering.

Rank    Boy   
1 Jacob Emily
2 Michael Madison
3 Joshua Emma
4 Matthew Hannah
5 Andrew Abigail
6 Christopher Olivia
7 Daniel Ashley
8 Joseph Samantha
9 Ethan Alexis
10 Nicholas Sarah
11 William Elizabeth
12 Anthony Isabella
13 David Alyssa
14 Ryan Grace
15 Tyler Lauren
16 Alexander Taylor
17 John Jessica
18 James Brianna
19 Brandon Kayla
20 Zachary Sophia
21 Jonathan Anna
22 Dylan Natalie
23 Christian Victoria
24 Samuel Chloe
25 Benjamin Sydney
26 Nathan Jasmine
27 Justin Hailey
28 Noah Megan
29 Logan Rachel
30 Austin Morgan
31 Jose Julia
32 Kevin Destiny
33 Gabriel Ava
34 Robert Jennifer
35 Caleb Kaitlyn
36 Thomas Mia
37 Jordan Katherine
38 Elijah Alexandra
39 Cameron Haley
40 Hunter Savannah
41 Jack Nicole
42 Jason Maria
43 Isaiah Allison
44 Luke Mackenzie
45 Angel Stephanie
46 Kyle Brooke
47 Connor Amanda
48 Evan Ella
49 Aaron Makayla
50 Isaac Faith
51 Jackson Kaylee
52 Mason Jenna
53 Juan Andrea
54 Aidan Katelyn
55 Gavin Mary
56 Brian Jordan
57 Eric Gabrielle
58 Charles Rebecca
59 Luis Paige
60 Adam Madeline
61 Sean Kimberly
62 Alex Trinity
63 Nathaniel Zoe
64 Bryan Michelle
65 Carlos Sara
66 Ian Lily
67 Jesus Kylie
68 Lucas Alexa
69 Adrian Caroline
70 Steven Vanessa
71 Cole Amber
72 Timothy Angelina
73 Cody Gabriella
74 Jayden Lillian
75 Aiden Riley
76 Julian Sierra
77 Seth Danielle
78 Owen Leah
79 Devin Jada
80 Chase Autumn
81 Richard Erin
82 Diego Maya
83 Sebastian Ariana
84 Jeremiah Audrey
85 Blake Isabel
86 Patrick Sofia
87 Xavier Marissa
88 Antonio Bailey
89 Hayden Jacqueline
90 Miguel Melissa
91 Landon Claire
92 Dominic Evelyn
93 Jared Shelby
94 Trevor Jocelyn
95 Jesse Mariah
96 Alejandro Avery
97 Carter Leslie
98 Jaden Melanie
99 Wyatt Arianna
100 Carson Aaliyah

It is essential that you understand the qualities of your family name. Find out more with these four options:

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  2. Call us toll-free in North America at 1-866-489-1188 (international 604-263-9551)
  3. Read some of the FAQ's below for more information before you make the critical decision on naming your child.

Give your child the best start in life with a balanced name in harmony with your child's purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions - Baby Names

Explore how your baby name choice will affect the thinking, health, success and future happiness of your baby:

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  2. Why should I not choose my baby names from the sample names on your site?
  3. What other factors, besides the balanced baby names, are important?
  4. How do you insure your baby the best opportunities you can?
  5. Why does a baby respond to a name when he or she cannot yet recognize it?
  6. Is this numerology?
  7. Can numerology influence my baby's success?
  8. Do you have to balance both the first name and the last name?
  9. Can a balanced baby name cure sickness in a baby?
  10. Is this teaching compatible with my religion?
  11. How do baby names create mind?
  12. Why do we emphasize the importance of a baby name choice?
  13. What is the relationship of health to a name choice for a baby?
  14. Can balanced baby names influence health?
  15. Does our thinking influence our health?
  16. Will balanced baby names guarantee complete health?
  17. Does changing one’s maiden name at marriage have an influence on one’s life?
  18. Why are many of your baby name summaries for different names worded exactly the same? Is this a mistake?
  19. How do baby names influence the baby’s destiny?



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